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Den Weltrekord im Unterarmstütz hält der US-amerikanische ex-Marine George Hood, der den Plank acht Stunden, 15 Minuten und 15 Sekunden hielt. Zum Zeitpunkt des Rekordes, der auch im Guinness-Buch der Rekorde verzeichnet wurde, war er 62 Jahre alt. Damit brach er den vorigen Rekord, der von einem chinesischen Polizisten gehalten wurde, um 15 Minuten. Hood hielt den Rekord bereits 2011. Hood also completed a record attempt in June 2018, holding a plank for 10 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds as well as the most cumulative plank time in a 24-hour period of 18 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The longest time in an elbow plank: by a woman is 4 hours, 19 minutes and 55 seconds by Dana Glowacka (Canada) in May 2019 Subscribe for more || http://bit.ly/GWR-Subscribe Watch the GWR's Favourites || http://bit.ly/GWR-Favs You won't believe how long Dana Glowacka can hold.

60-year-old Illinois native George Hood set a new world record last weekend, planking for ten hours straight. July 3, 2018 George Hood, who lives in Naperville, Illinois, showed off his core strength with a record-setting 10-hour plank. Per ABC 7, Hood's official planking time was 10 hours, 10 minutes, and was part of. Mao Weidong, a Chinese policeman who previously held the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent in the plank position in 2014, bettered his own p..

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  1. utes at the YMCA in southwest suburban Downers Grove. He reportedly beat the old record by two hours. He was raising money for a program that helps..
  2. utes. Longest plank EVER - Guinness World Records by Guinness World Records on YouTub
  3. Best of 2018 book. A selection of some of the astounding new titles you'll find in the ultimate annual book of records. Guinness World Records 2018 is bursting with all-new records on topics as diverse as comets, movie stars, fungi, mountaineering and pandas!. Back to Showcas
  4. ute, let alone plank for the eye-watering length of time this woman did. Rhian.
  5. DOWNERS GROVE, IL — My personal planking record is 56 seconds, so when I heard that local fitness director George Hood set a Guinness World record Wednesday by planking for more than 10 hours, I..
  6. utes. George Hood, 60, took on the challenge in Naperville, Illinois. Planking..
  7. al.

New planking world record set by 62-year-old former Marine

  1. Join LIVESTRONG's 4-week Plank Challenge to get a super strong core. We'll show you how you can work toward a stronger, healthier and sexier you without any equipment
  2. g issues? Report here. play_arrow. Best of CapeTalk | 22:00 - 00:00.
  3. George Hood in the plank position at the Indian Boundary YMCA in Downers Grove. He set two world records during event at the facility on June 28, 2018
  4. utes. In doing so reclaimed his world record.
  5. al plank position for 60 seconds organised by Puma, in Mumbai on.
  6. A 2018 event certified by Assist World Record says you hold the record for the most plank sets in 24 hours, one of which lasted 10:10:10. I do this for fund-raising. That gives my story a heart
  7. utes during a 2018 practise attempt. He commemorated his new world record on Instagram.

By brady Jun 28, 2018. Remember that one time you were planking at the gym, staring at your phone in agony, waiting for your stopwatch to hit 0.00. Next time you need a little extra motivation to get through those last 30 seconds, remember a 60-year-old man just planked for 10 hours! Not fake news. George Hood, a resident of Downers Grove, shattered the world record for longest continuous. Glowacka trained with American George E. Hood who planked for 10 hours and 10 minutes last June. The Guinness World Record for a man in an abdominal plank position clocks in at 8 hours and 1. At 57 and in the best shape of his life, George Hood smashed the world record for the longest abdominal plank ever held. You won't believe how long he was able to hold it! To top it off, he did it for a worthy cause--raising money to benefit the Semper Fi Fund for wounded Marines A former US Marine broke the male world record for holding an abdominal plank -- keeping the painful position for a staggering 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, Guinness officials announced A 62-year-old former US marine has broken the world record for holding the longest time in a plank position. George Hood held the back-breaking position for a staggering 8 hours 15 minutes and 15.

George Hood, 62, broke the Guinness World Record for planking over eight hours on Feb. 15. Take a look inside his daily routine, including 2,000 sits ups and a mindset coach Steinfeldt broke the Guinness World Record for his age holding an abdominal plank position. He held the plank for 38 minutes, breaking the previous record of 36 minutes, 58 seconds Some people break world records and others shatter them. Gabi Ury falls into the latter category after her recent attempt to take the Guinness World Record for the Longest Time in an Abdominal Plank Position by a female. On the Saturday after her 16th birthday, Ury held a plank position while resting on her forearms and toes for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 5 seconds, completely smashing the.

When the Guinness World Records moderator, Philip Robertson, confirmed Hood had broken the record, Hood announced his retirement from plank record attempts. However, he then proceeded to do 75. May 23 (UPI) --A Montreal fitness enthusiast attending an Illinois event broke a Guinness World Record by holding the plank post for 4 hours and 20 minutes.Dana Glowacka, a Montreal yoga. Bettina Plank is an Austrian karateka.In 2019, she won the gold medal in the women's kumite 50 kg event at the 2019 European Games held in Minsk, Belarus. In 2015, she won the silver medal in that event at the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the final she lost against Serap Özçelik of Turkey.. She also won medals at the European Karate Championships on several occasions Guinness World Records 2018 | Guinness World Records Ltd, . | ISBN: 9783455002423 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon

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Runner's World chief sub-editor John challenged himself to a plank every day for a month. By John Carroll. 07/02/2018 Eugenio Marongiu Getty Images. A plank (this is not John) Perhaps the simplest. Guinness World Records ist heute eine Firma mit Firmensitz in London und beschäftigt etwa 50 Mitarbeiter, die die Rekordfälle bearbeiten. Der Name ist auch eine eingetragene Marke, unter der das Konzept vermarktet wird. Das Hollywood Guinness Museum, in dem Exponate zu anerkannten Rekorden gezeigt werden, befindet sich in Los Angeles. Das Unternehmen wurde 2008 vom kanadischen.

Hi, my name is Walker I'm applying for the guinness world record for the highest net. Whistled. I'm planning to hit and eight I'm going to take a reference picture of a cat and then I'm gonna walk up a major scale to the because it was it excellent Another Plank World Record That We Can All Learn From. Training Tips From The 3+ Hour Plank World Record Holder. The Ballistic Plank Exercise for Rock-Hard Abs. The Elbow Plank VS Pushup Position Plank. How Long to Hold a Plank. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends: Tweet . Health-First Fitness Coach. P.S. If you liked this post, then please signup for the.

Man breaks world record after planking for 8 hours A man out of China has set a Guinness World Record after holding the abdominal plank position for more than eight hours. Source: CN Plank là một bài tập sức mạnh lõi isometric liên quan đến việc duy trì một vị trí tương tự như hít đất trong thời gian tối đa có thể. Plank phổ biến nhất là tấm ván cẳng tay được giữ ở tư thế chống đẩy, với trọng lượng cơ thể chịu ở cẳng tay, khuỷu tay và ngón chân Former Marine Officer Breaks World Record Plank to Benefit Semper Fi Fund George Hood, 57, spent a total of five hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds in the abdominal plank position on Saturday in.

Hood said he unofficially broke the record with a 10-hour, 10-minute plank in Naperville, Ill., in 2018, but the attempt was not recognized by Guinness.. He said he will attempt to take the record. Side Plank World Records . Sort by. Top Rated Relevance; Alphabetically; Most Recent; Top Rated; 3 Records Found. Longest Side Plank Sarah Ports. Sarah Ports held a side plank for three minutes, 36.97 seconds. 02:54. Longest Side Plank While Carrying A 40-Pound Rucksack William Cannon . William C. performed a side plank for one minute, 0.01 second while carrying a 40-pound rucksack. 03:17. A former U.S. Marine and DEA supervisory special agent broke the Guinness World Record for holding a plank. George Hood, 62, held the plank for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds Organizers of a Guinness World Record attempt in India said 2,471 people flexed their core muscles to hold the abdominal plank position for 60 seconds

At four-plus hours, Canadian athlete Dana Glowacka set a new world record in the female category for Longest Time in an Abdominal Plank Position at the 1st International Plank Training Conference Fusion Fitness ' Conner Benning held an extended arm plank for one minute, 7.47 seconds. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay201 The marching dragon, which was made of paper and bamboo connected by wood planks, set the new Guinness World Record of the longest parade float with 2596.8 feet, according to local media. Business Insider. 17. On February 17, 2012, French cyclist Robert Marchand set a world record for cycling non-stop for one hour in the over 100-year-old category at the Union Cycliste Internationale velodrome. Over 1200 people attempted to break the world record for the most people holding a one-minute abdominal plank during the Livestrong.com 10th anniversary wellness event at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

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India has achieved a new spot on the Guinness World Records as 2,353 people, led by Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra held the abdominal plank position for 60 seconds. ILLINOIS (KUSI) - Indian Boundary YMCA in Downers Grove, Illinois published a Facebook live video of their fitness director, former Carlsbad Marine, George Hood setting the world record for.

George is the current world record holder for the longest plank pose hold. He is also the world record holder for the most plank time accumulated in a 24-hour time period. He continues to inspire the world with his ultra endurance fitness events and more than a dozen world record titles set over the course of an outstanding career. As a former Marine Officer, retired DEA Supervisory Special. Il poliziotto cinese Mao Weidong ha stabilito un nuovo Guinness World Record rimanendo in plank -quell'esercizio addominale che fa lavorare tutto il corpo in posizione statica, poggiandosi solo sui gomiti e sulle punte dei piedi - per oltre otto ore. In poliziotto ha battuto il record precedentemente detenuto dall'americano George Hood. La singolare competizione ha coinvolto una decina di.

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Also bin weiblich, 1,66 groß und wiege 55kg:) Ich hoffe ihr kennt die Namen ich musste selber googlen burpees 5x Leg raises 20x (10 jede Seite) Plank jacks 10x Side leg Lift 20x (10 jede Seite) Jumping jacks 30x Side plank rotation 10x Lunges 10x (5 jedes bein) Mountain climbers 20x (10 jedes bein Chinese police officer Mao Weidong sets plank world record(1/3) 2016-05-15 12:17 Ecns.cn Editor:Gu Liping. 1. Mao Weidong, a member of the Beijing SWAT team, smashes the world record for holding. Guinness World Records 2020 features a whole chapter about those people who have record-breaking attributes, whether that's down to their height, age or a particular body part. Guinness World Records 2020 enthält ein ganzes Kapitel über besondere Menschen mit rekordbrechenden Eigenschaften, egal ob es dabei um Größe, Alter oder einen bestimmten Körperteil geht. Ein Abschnitt im Buch. Walk The Plank (Live At Summer Breeze 2015) Alestorm. Auf Napster abspielen. Titel. Walk The Plank (Live At Summer Breeze 2015) Alestorm. Auf Napster abspielen. Veröffentlicht: Jan 2018 Label: Napalm Records Facebook Twitter Titel. A former U.S. marine and DEA special agent just broke the Guinness World Record for holding a plank.. George Hood, 62, managed to hold a plank for eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, all while.

Nov. 26 (UPI) --A Bollywood star led 2,353 people in exercising their abs and holding the plank position for 60 seconds to break a Guinness World Record.Actress and fitness expert Shilpa Shetty. - A former U.S. Marine and DEA supervisory special agent broke the Guinness World Record for holding a plank. George Hood, 62, held the plank for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. It wasn't Hood's first time breaking the record for the longest plank, according to Guinness World Records. In 2011, he held a plank for 1 hour and 20 minutes Montreal fitness enthusiast Dana Glowacka set the world record for the longest plank held by a woman earlier in May - passing the previous record by 50 minutes 62-year-old former Marine sets world record for longest plank

Heute erscheint das Buch Guinness World Records 2018, in dem sich wieder sensationelle Weltrekorde präsentieren - von der Frau mit der längsten Wimper bis hin zum Mann mit der erste by Conor Heffernan January 15, 2018 1:06 pm. The History of the Plank Exercise . Chances are every single one of use has spent a seemingly endless amount of time stuck in the 'plank' position shown above. When I first began weight training for rugby as a starry eyed teen we did every kind of vacation imagine. We did it for time, we moved in circles, we placed weights, and even at times. In 2018 she bagged Guinness World Record in the same category at 170,5 cm. (Image: AFP) X. 4 / 42. Nilanshi Patel poses for picture with the 2018 and 2019 Guinness World Record certificates for the longest hair in the teenager category, at Modasa town. (Image: AFP) X. 5 / 42. A British mechanic and motorbike racer, Martin, has set a new Guinness World Record by driving a new tractor at a speed.

Planks trainieren effektiv und kostensparend alle Bauchmuskeln. Du brauchst lediglich eine Matte, denn du formst deinen Körper ausschließlich mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht. Arme, Schulter, Rumpf, Bauch, Po, Beine, einfach alles wird bei der einfachen Übung in nur 60 Sekunden richtig fit gemacht Holding the plank for a couple of minutes is a good standard of fitness and strength, but one Canadian woman has hit that out of the park. She set a new world record - by holding the plank for. 8-jun-2018 - Did you know the world record for holding a plank is 8 hours and 1 minute? More information Find this Pin and more on Runners tips by MyRunnersGuide Conny Plank war einer der innovativsten Produzenten der 1970er und 1980er Jahre. Er nahm wegweisende Alben von Can, Kraftwerk, Ultravox und Brian Eno auf - in einem umgebauten Bauernhof in Wolperath

Check out awe-inspiring photos, incredible videos and news stories about all the latest record-breaking action from around the world - especially for kids. RECORDS ALLY ZING. SET A RECORD. RECORD POSTERS. FASTEST. OLDEST. TALLEST. HEAVIEST. BOOK HISTORY OF THE BOOK. GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2021 . GAMES & STUFF GAMES. ALLY ZING'S RECORD QUEST. DISCOVERY CHALLENGE. BRICK STACKER. EMOJI PAIRS. The female record is currently held by Dana Glowacka from Canada, who held a plank for 4 hours, 19 minutes and 55 seconds last year, according to Guinness World Records. Hood, a former US Marine and retired Drug Enforcement Administration supervisory special agent, has broken the record for longest plank before, in 2011 when he held it for 1 hour and 20 minutes A man in Illinois just set the record for the longest plank session, holding it for 10 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES! Could you beat that? Jump to . Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. Plank Record | ABC News June 29, 2018. World News Now. June 29, 2018 · CHECK THIS OUT! A man in Illinois just set the. 2018-05-09T14:53:00Z The Guinness World Records enforces a starting position of hands and feet in a plank position, according to Fox News. To complete a burpee, it states the exercise must.

November 2018, 15.17 Uhr Rekord Mann schwimmt in 157 Tagen um Großbritannien herum Ross Edgley hat es geschafft: Der 33-Jährige ist als erster Mensch einmal um Großbritannien geschwommen A 62-year-old retired Marine and DEA supervisory special agent broke the world record for planking last week - holding the abdominal pose for a total 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds The 2019 World Development Report will study how the nature of work is changing as a result of advances in technology today. Technological progress disrupts existing systems. A new social contract is needed to smooth the transition and guard against rising inequality. Significant investments in human capital throughout a person's lifecycle are vital to this effort. If workers are to stay.

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I did 3 sets of 50 second planks that's 1 hour and 50 seconds altogether.my goal is to do 3 sets of 60 second planks when I turn 40 years young next year in September 2018 I want to challenge any average 20 year old little boy in a plank contest when I turn 40 years young I will do 3 sets of planks until summer time so I can make 40 year old curvy healthy fit and attractive women turn heads. A similar viral plank challenge was the #36SecPlankChallenge by insurance company Bajaj Allianz as part of a health awareness campaign. In November, Bajaj Allianz set a new Guinness World Record in Pune for the most people holding the abdominal plank position for one minute. It had 2,353 people maintaining the position, breaking the March.

Ce record a été battu mai 2016 par le policier chinois Mao Weidong, qui a fait une planche de 8 heures, 1 minute et 1 seconde [11]. Le 28 juin 2018, George Hood bat de nouveau le record avec une performance de 8 heures et 15 minutes [12]. Le plus long temps pour une planche de face en reposant les coudes : - par une femme est de 3 heures, 31 minutes et 0 seconde par Maria Kalimera (Chypre. The Guinness World Record for holding a plank currently stands at eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, set by US Marine veteran George Hood in 2020. The aim of this 30-day challenge is not to. World Record List for most consecutive push-ups (press ups) World Record for Non-Stop Push-Ups RECORD HISTORY 6,006 Charles Linster (USA) 05-Oct-1965 7,026 Robert Louis Knecht (USA) 05-Feb-1976 7,650 Henry C. Marshal (USA) 01-Sep-1977 10,507 Minoru Yoshida (JPN) Oct-1980. Our club member Charles Linster was the first Guinness record holder in this category. The push-ups had to be performed non. An Australian personal trainer set a world record for the most burpees done in 60 minutes -- but internet critics say she was doing them wrong Alan Dawson May 10, 2018, 12:53 A

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Callum John Smith (born 23 April 1990) is a British professional boxer.He has held the WBA (Super) and Ring magazine super-middleweight titles since 2018, and won the World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight tournament in the same year. Previously at regional level he held the European and British super-middleweight titles between 2015 and 2017 WORLD RECORD LIST. New record claims for this list are welcome! If possible, please contact us BEFORE your record attempt. Your documentation will be submitted to the Book of Alternative Records by us. To submit a record claim to Guinness World Records as well, please contact Guinness World Records using their web site In photos: Guinness World Records 2018 2018-02-05. SA running short of hospital beds. Victoria Beckham rules out Spice Girls reunion. Download the Microsoft News app. Ad Microsoft . In Pictures.

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Planks sind die Mutter aller Core-Übungen, also Trainings, die auf die Stabilisierung der Körpermitte abzielen. Durch das Anspannen der Muskeln werden Rumpf, Rücken-, Bein-, Hüft-, Schulter-, Brust- und Gesäßmuskulatur gestärkt. Wir zeigen euch vier Planks, die euren Körper täglich etwas mehr definieren. 1. Übung: Full Planks. Flach auf die Sportmatte legen und mit durchgestreckten. Guinness World Records 2018 (englischsprachige Ausgabe) Text: Hadfield, Chris. Gebundenes Buch. 1 Kundenbewertung. Merkliste; Auf die Merkliste; Bewerten Bewerten; Teilen Produkt teilen Produkterinnerung Produkterinnerung Packed with more incredible accomplishments, cutting-edge science, stunts and incredible sporting achievements. Includes more than 3,000 new and updated world records. India has achieved a new spot on the Guinness World Records as 2,353 people, led by Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Pune held the abdominal plank position for 60. 9:50 - Joe begins to share a discussion he had w/ a dad whose daughter broke her school's plank hold record. 15:40 - Why Joe hates traditional planks. 21:05 - Joe's favorite plank progressions. 34:40 - Joe shares another interaction he had on IG [with a man who is concerned with his lack of progress] 38:00 - What does constant progress looks like in the REAL.

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plank met wijde benen: benen uit elkaar, in plaats van naast elkaar; zijdelingse elleboog plank: lichaam gestrekt op zijn zij, arm gebogen; superman plank: beide armen en benen gestrekt in de lucht, buik en beenspieren op grond; De plank is ook makkelijk te combineren met andere fitness- en yogaoefening zoals crunches, leg raises, downward dog enz. Om de plankhouding te combineren met. Forget holding a plank for 4 minutes, a man has broken the world record by holding a plank for more than 4 HOURS. A Chinese policeman smashed the planking world record with a staggering four hours. Sara! I've been planking with the world record holder, George Hood. He started a Facebook group called George Hood's Plank Club. He's training for his next world record event which is yet to be announced but is in the planning phase as you read this. Join the group and be one of the first to get the news. A member of a SWAT team in Beijing has broken the world record for carrying out the exercise the plank, according to a news website report

George Hood Sets World Record with 10-Hour-Long Plank

8 Plank Variations That Don't Suck. The traditional front plank is one of the most well known and least useful exercises we have available to us. There are various figures but the world record for a plank hovers between eight and ten hours. There are exactly zero useful strength exercises that you can do for eight hours It's not official, but a man in Naperville, Illinois, appears to have set a new world record for the longest planking session Dann findet man sie hier - im Guiness World Records 2018-Buch. In dieser Ausgabe gibt's außerdem als Extra Die Welt der Superhelden, so dass man auch hier noch etwas mehr über die unterschiedlichsten Superhelden wie Batmann, Deadpool oder auch X-Men erfährt. Natürlich aber auch über die verschiedensten Weltrekorde in anderen Themenbereichen wie beispielsweise der Tierwelt.

Canadian woman holds plank for four hours, breaking the

Beijing policeman pulls off eight-hour plank world record

Last modified on Tue 13 Mar 2018 14.21 EDT. The plank is the easiest core exercise known to man, woman and fitness model, right? When done correctly, it strengthens your abdominal region, bottom. Guinness World Records Super Tiere Vol. 1 | Guinness World Records Ltd, . | ISBN: 9783455002447 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon

PROG ROCK MUSIC TALK: Cleopatra Entertainment Secures11 Plank Variations for Rock-Solid Abs | LIVESTRONGGeorge Hood bat le record du monde de planche : 10h de suite
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